America Sober – a network of Sober houses in the US

USA, Boston

March, 2020 – June, 2020

Case Study

About Client

America Sober is a network of 4 sober houses in the Greater Boston Area. They provide accommodation to people striving for a sober life – therefore overcome the temptation and provide support during the accommodation period.

Problems we faced:

  • Overcomplicated structure makes it hard to find key points in the text
  • Old-fashioned UI
  • Poor UX
  • Excel-based client/business management
  • Poor referral system
  • An application form that does not meet client's & business needs

goals and objectives

Client’s objectives

The main client's objective was to monetize the idea of native interaction between people and the brand right in the application.

  • Develop a modern website
  • Develop simple CRM to manage guests and referrals
  • Automate payments and application process


The connection

There was a real challenge to the emotional connection. We had to be quite objective for people who just scroll the website to prove we can provide value and help on their way to sobriety.



We got insights from a psychotherapist. Defined key message and implemented it on the website. From now, the landing page works to dispel fears and doubts.

Landing page complete re-think

Content rework. Emphasized both the value of sobriety and the importance of sober houses for people who are seeking a sober life. The information is structured and easy to read.


We created full-fledged and detailed CRM for adding, editing and analyzing data about each customer of each sober house in a system. Payments, personal information, medication accounting, etc.

Referral portal

Referral has access to key information about his patients:

  • Acceptance/expulsion date.
  • Current status - live/left/kicked out.
  • Manager’s notes about patients.

Payment flow

The payment portal is implemented with a step-by-step setup wizard. Online payment gateway setup.

Online application form

A client can fill out the application form, select a house and make an online payment.


Drag the slider below to see how the landing page has changed

The way the whole website looked before…

After re-think and redesign

Overall results
  • A structured website with useful content
  • User-friendly application form filling and payment process implementation through the step-by-step setup wizard
  • Referrals have access to real-time client information
  • Application forms are assigned to a specific sober house and differentiated according to a manager access levels
  • Application forms are collected into a unified database

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