Fintech expertise

Code Harbor keeps a hand on the pulse of all financial digital innovations. Our goal is to implement these innovations into your business processes, thus, helping your business grow and cherish.

Most financial institutions are trying to make their clients’ lives easier and we have solid expertise to satisfy their needs. Online banking enables clients to make transactions in one click without standing in huge lines. Data management systems ease internal processes and your workers do their job efficiently and faster..

We’re experts in many Fintech areas from digital banking to crypto projects. All you have to do is trust us and we do the rest. We provide our clients with comprehensive support during the whole process.

Our primary aim is to ensure your data security by signing an NDA.

The cooperation starts with deep analytics to figure out all the business requirements and, thus, define steps for further development. We always keep you in the loop of ongoing processes to ensure better transparency.


Poor on innovations

By not implementing modern tech, companies miss the enormous opportunity for growth and increased accessibility.

Blockchain Integration denial

Being suspicious of new technologies, you lose an opportunity to track all stages of the transaction and see what happens to your money.

User-unfriendly interface

Sometimes it’s hard to find appropriate information on the screen or the interface fails navigating.

Lack of expertise in mobile fintech

Most banks don’t have proper mobile banking or other FinTech services that are convenient for users.


A lot of data has become available in digital format that makes it more susceptible to data breaches.

Lack of human resources for scalability

Hiring new team members requires time that you could otherwise spend on business-related issues.


  • Exchange platforms
  • Backend modernization
  • Financial CRM system development
  • Insurance Management Portals
  • Payment processors
  • e-Wallet Applications
  • Blockchain
  • Trading platforms

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