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Code Harbor

What makes us different?

Code Harbor is a team of experts who work with passion. Our major goal is to create an atmosphere of constant development and mutual support for all team members.

We believe that challenging projects are the engine of professional development. That's why we always strive for new knowledge and never dwell on the same problems.

By joining us, you feel our support at a glance. We’re providing you with a mentor to guide you through the onboarding process so you get involved in the company's processes from the very beginning.

We provide the best services to our clients. And we understand that high performance doesn’t depend on the time of the day. You may feel free to choose comfortable working hours as long as we have a flexible schedule and don’t have limits.

Our values


We’re interested in constant development. While things around us are evolving, we do the same and get better every day.


We’re a close-knit team whose high performance is built on constant and thoughtful communication. Everyone’s always kept in the loop.


We’re unified by achieving a common goal. Cooperation and teamwork create an atmosphere of mutual support every day of our work.


We’re always open to ideas. Every team member contributes his part to the company’s shared success.


We’re always ‘real’. We want everyone to show their true selves and feel comfortable every workday.

Hiring Process



Send your CV and cover letter and wait on our email with interview invite.

Interview with Head of Department

Answer the questions about your work experience and describe your professional goals

Assessment test

Complete test assignment to demonstrate your skill set.

Interview with CEO

Demonstrate your interest in the company, your dedication to the role and your passion for the industry.

Client's interview (Optional)

Get interviewed by Product Owner to go deep into the development processes.

Welcome on board

You are all set to work in the most friendly and professional environment.