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Healthcare industry is always in demand and always in need of tech innovations. Their implementation allows industry to improve medical care and public health, lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce errors, as well as increase patient satisfaction.

Person identification is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. While anyone can enter data in EHR, it’s almost impossible to withdraw such information. This often results in the interoperability mess. The second one relates to technology migration. Despite all-wide modernization, many facilities still use out-of-date technology.

Improvements in health technology include patient portals. They let patients to securely communicate with their physicians, to pay bills, to check which services an insurance plan allows, to download full medical records, order prescriptions, and possibly interact with a chatbot for other services.

Be it a hospital, pharmacies, or other health organizations – we craft robust, user-friendly and practical solutions and meet all the business requirements.

Our cooperation starts with NDA to ensure complete security of work. We adhere to principles of full transparency and provide reports during the entire process.


Mess in interoperability

Most hospitals fail to access patients’ data instantly or data withdrawal may be impossible.

Use of outdated tech

Out-of-date technologies create security holes and put all your data at risk.

User-unfriendly interface

Sometimes it’s hard to find appropriate information on the screen or the interface fails navigation.

Overcomplicated asset tracking

Poorly designed systems and an inability to share information between clinics make doctors 'a slave to their EHR'.

Data breaches

Cybersecurity is a challenge due to possible data leakage that creates mistrust between the service providers and patients.

HIPPA Compliance

Electronic personal healthcare information must be kept secure, safe, and well-protected.


  • Electronic Health Record
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Billing Systems
  • Patient Portals
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Telemedicine Solutions

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