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Who we are

Code Harbor is a Kyiv-based IT company delivering problem-solving services to our clients. In our work, we follow three common objectives: usability, performance, and excellent quality. With these goals being met your customers get completely satisfied while interacting with your product.


We aim to become a cozy harbor where our clients can find tech support and have their products successfully delivered to the market. Our key mission is to make these products accessible, functional, user-friendly, and attractive.

Why us

Six major pillars, that make our cooperation with a client trustable. Constantly ensuring them, we guarantee the best performance of your product.

A ready-to-use product that passed all QA tests and being provided with ongoing technical support.
It's our job to guide you toward the best possible manifestation of your vision, using our years of expertise.
We are reporting to you after finishing each essential stage, so you are in the loop during the entire development process.
A project is divided into 2-weeks iterations, with a working prototype at the end of each one.
Each project is unique. With a solid overall technical experience, our team brings all your ideas to life.
We take care of all the processes and provide you with guarantees of on-time delivery.


Web Development

Digital solutions to boost your business. Developing stylish landings, convenient full-sized websites, WordPress-powered solutions

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Mobile Development

Full-fledged functional customized mobile applications and website adaptation

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A complete digitization of business processes and implementation of cloud tech. Setting up the back-up and restore functionality, automatic software integration

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Implementing the latest development and infrastructure management strategies, practices, and tools to provide stability and consistency in running your business

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Implementing distributed ledger technology to provide all the benefits of transparent, secured, and traceable transactions for your business

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Developing customized solutions for sales-oriented E-commerce websites. Building and setting up CRMs, generating reports and tracking balances solutions. Composing and optimizing scripts and sale processes

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Business scale

Businesses of different scale have their own speed and agility. We understand it and adapt our teams to the needs of each client.

Local businesses

Get your business to a global market using our web & mobile development support.


Idea/Market Fit, MVP, or scalable product – cooperation saves time and money, and we take all responsibility.


We create robust digital solutions that meet all your business needs to boost your company’s performance.

We split the process into steps from primary analysis and project assumptions to a long-run project support.

  • 01 Analytics
    • We dive into your business and explore it from inside
    • We study market and external factors
    • Your competitors become our well-known neighbors
    • Implementing Value proposition canvas framework
    • Discover emotions user should feel during website journey
  • 02 Integration
    • Set up business processes
    • Set up a dedicated full-time team
    • Advertising. Integrate marketing strategy based on analytics
    • Development. Create and implement technical solutions
  • 03 Quality Management
    • QA/QC
    • Pick reasonable quality management practices to optimize costs
    • Deliver robust and performant solution
  • 04 Improvements
    • Run A/B tests.
    • Gather end users feedback
    • Go back to STEP 01
  • 05 Long run support
    • We provide Long Term Support after core work is done
    • Improvements, technical support, marketing and analytics
    • Your success - our goal
    • Providing advisory services


We believe the best work happens while experimenting. When people can truly be the authentic version of themselves.


Business development

America Sober

Social services


SaaS platform


Online market

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