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March, 2020 – April, 2020

Case Study

About client

Grosh is a network of supermarkets in central Ukraine.
The leader of retail market in the Vinnytsia region with 23 years of experience. The distribution network consists of 27 supermarkets with its own culinary.

goals and objectives

Client’s goals

The client's task was to rebuild the business model and transfer activities online quickly.

  • Respond to competitors
  • Quick launch of a platform for the sale of grocery sets in Vinnytsia and Vinnytsa region
  • Provide customers the ability to receive products safely during the quarantine. The order is placed online, paid by card, and delivered by courier

Our tasks

To act as efficiently and quickly as possible, we divided the project into two stages. At first, we had to launch an online store as soon as possible with the minimum necessary set of features. After that, we planned to enhance store, connect analytics, and optimization.

Stage 1

  • Online store launch
  • Create an interactive map with delivery areas
  • Implement basic analytics and metrics
  • Create basic analytics and metrics

Stage 2

  • Increase store speed (page loading and processing)
  • Implement enhanced E-commerce analytics
  • SEO Optimization Consulting
  • WooCommerce SEO Tools installation
  • Business Digitalization Consulting


Key features and releases

We planned the order of appearance of new functions at each stage of development to create MVP as fast as possible

Stage 1

  • Launch of the minimum functionality necessary for trading. Basic branding. We emphasized stability and essential functions: basket, product cards, checkout
  • User account, order tracking feature. Full website branding
  • Functionality for the comfortable operation of the online store: stock
    banners, data export, integration with services

Stage 2

  • Store performance increase
  • Enhanced E-commerce analytics
  • Goals for analytics and sales funnels
  • SEO Tools preparation and basic customer team education
  • Long-run support: store expansion, technical support, advisory, and

on the project


  • We launched MVP in 3 days
  • A full-fledged store, with all the customer's wishes – in 10 days
  • Long-run support to improve and modernize the store

Interactive map

  • Delivery areas on the map
  • Order distributions between two stores
  • Customer address check for the area covered by the service

Business digitalization

  • Expansion of a network of supermarkets in e-commerce
  • The strategy of further development
  • Marketing and Sales advisory


To make a stable solution in a short period of time, we made a store based on WordPress platform and complemented it with custom blocks, scripts, plugins, and design.

Stage 1

Catalog page

A page with all products, filtering options, and preview of individual items. It is possible to add the product to the basket immediately, see brief information, or add to the wish list.

Product page

The page contains a full description of the product and customer reviews. The user can mark the product for the future, see additional photos, and add
to the basket.

Interactive map

Delivery zones are marked on the map. A client indicates the delivery address and the application checks to see if the address falls into the delivery zone. It determines which store will accept the order.

Personal account

In the account, the user can set the delivery address, change personal data, and view the order history.


The added product is sent to the basket and activates the preview of purchases. In it, the user can change the number of selected products or remove them from the list and see a total product's cost.

Check out

The process of checking the
order before placing the
delivery. While checking out, the user can see a list of goods, their cost, and quantity, select the payment method, enter his contacts, and place an order.

Stage 2

Speed and performance

We set up internal data caching in WordPress, added image optimization, and precompiled HTML.
Full-page load speed decreased from 10-12 seconds to 2-4.

E-commerce analytics tools

We set up analytics to track visits and actions, created automatic sales funnels. In this way, we track conversions, bounce rates, returns, and lead paths.


We connected SEO tools for WordPress and conducted 3 SEO optimization classes with client staff.


We quickly responded to changes in the market and adapted the store’s business model.

Overall results

  • MVP has transformed into a full-fledged online grocery store
  • The store is stable during peak loads
  • The address verification plugin accelerated the work of operators by 23%
  • Thanks to the map settings, you can run targeted
    ads on selected location
  • Detailed sales funnels, leads and audience channels in Google Analytics
  • Thanks to the audience collected by google analytics, the conversion of ads increase by 10-14%

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