About client

Krasa is a startup CRM system for beauty salons, associated with the application for smartphones for online recording of customers and ordering services.

goals and objectives

Client’s goals

The client wanted to establish processes in the network of salons, configure automation and work with the clients.

  • Create a service for online booking in beauty salons
  • Notify customers about discounts and promotions in salons
  • Make the platform useful and convenient for salon owners

Our tasks

We had to develop technical solutions for the company, as well as manage the process and team.

  • Design a system architecture
  • Develop backend for mobile application
  • Develop CRM
  • Create Backoffice
  • Project and team management

Challenges on the project

Scheduler Development

We have developed an online calendar, which allows us to show the status of free slots in real time. When a client makes an appointment, other users will immediately see that the time is booked.

key solutions

SCRUM Methodology

We managed to keep a stable pace of development for 1.5 years. The team was aware of all project tasks and allocated resources so that the development was optimal in terms of time and quality.

Migrating from jQuery to VueJS

After all, the fast initial development speed on jQuery has a big disadvantage – quite expensive support. So we switched the platform to VueJS. It increased the speed of frontend development by 2.5 times and reduced the cost of support by 50%.


The transition from background jobs to stored procedures accelerated data aggregation for analytics from 2.5 hours to 1 minute. This reduced the load on the server and the system in general. As a result, CPU usage decreased from 58% to less than 1%.

Core team

Our squad

We have put together a full time team to develop a quality product on time. This allowed us to prioritize tasks and compose sprints.

2 Fullstack developers

Backend developer

Mobile developer



The main focus is the technical implementation of the marketplace, as well as the mobile application.

Marketplace for beauty salons

The platform for the beauty salons. Users can select the desired service, find a salon and sign up for a session.

Backoffice for administrators

Features for adding specialists, editing the schedule, controlling applications. Backoffice with user-friendly interface and different access rights.

Mobile IOS app

App for iOS. Native navigation, online recording synchronization, and special offers alerts. The application contains information about the salon and the masters. Users can rate masters and leave comments.

Work schedules

Real-time scheduling features. Setting work schedules for masters, breaks and weekends. Changes are immediately synchronized with the users application

Statistics for salons

This feature allows admins to choose a period and see statistics on visits, workload of masters and income.

Promo offers

Salons can run promotions right in the app. The discount is immediately taken into account in the price of the service. And the launch history is represented in the backoffice.


We developed the MVP of marketplace for beauty salons and barbershops, and then brought it to a full-fledged product web and iOS application.

Overall results

  • Product stable MVP
  • Developed MVP in a full-fledged application
  • Developed CRM and backoffice for beauty salons
  • Launched two landing pages for advertising applications and gift certificates
  • We created code guidelines and transferred the project to the client’s team for a long-term support

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