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MOPS – multifunctional manufacturing studio in Lviv, Ukraine. They work with wood, leather, plastic, light metals, and 3D printing. The studio provides industrial product design and manufacturing for B2C and B2B customers.

Usually, we divide all the information about the client’s business on the external and internal environments. Thus, we analyze all factors and make a more profound and competitive strategy.

goals and objectives

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What was significant for the client?

The client had clear objectives that he wanted to achieve with our help. Goals included full strategy development because both online and offline points and placements are essential.

What did we want to achieve?

Our task was to make a complete restructuring. Set up processes, highlight positioning, develop services, establish sales and digitalize the company.

Challenges on the project

The challenge of the project in the quantity of services studio provides. It was necessary to cover many areas at once and determine the optimal course of development in a short time.


We planned the entire process and divided it into periods with certain milestones. All work was supposed to take 4 months.

  • Internal optimisation
  • Work with B2B and B2C segments
  • Marketing
  • Website development

The process

After we planned the whole process and made a backlog, we started to analyze and establish internal processes in the company.

01 — First month

  • Setting company structure
  • Defining unique selling propositions for all products
  • Logo design and guidelines
  • Manufacturing portfolio
  • Setting up internal communication processes
  • Management services integration

02 — Second month

  • Communication with clients
  • Working with target audience
  • Social media management
  • Lead control tools
  • Scripts for the team
  • Attracting active subscribers through content

03 — Third month

  • Communication with clients
  • Working with target audience
  • Social media management
  • Attracting subscribers via content
  • Lead control tools
  • Scripts for the team

04 — Fourth month

  • Website structure and content
  • Design and development
  • Website lead generation set up

The studio has 15 different full-fledged areas of activity. During the development, we highlighted key services and developed separate landing pages on the site. You can switch between pages using the widget below.

Key solutions

We combined several solutions in each area we planned to work out: internal processes, sales, marketing, and development.

Internal optimisation

  • Identified key services
  • Company structure with set areas
  • Agile methodology
  • Task management and tracking tools

External environment

  • Cloud PBX services
  • Offline promotions
  • Audio ads in a shopping mall
  • Logo with guidelines for print and web use


  • Integrated CRM
  • Determine targeting and auditory
  • Create content plan for social media
  • Have implemented rules for SMM


  • Site structure developed
  • Filled the content on the site
  • Case studies formalized
  • Bitrix 24 integration

Business value

As a result, we managed to completely transform sales and communication processes, integrated automation tools and made a website.


  • Reduced response time for orders from 3 days to 2 hours
  • Social networks bring up to 8 leads every day
  • We developed a content plan with a maximum engagement rate
  • The number of subscribers on Facebook increased from 7 to 1600 people

Sales and communication

  • Cross-department communication system – development and integration
  • Offline audio ads launch
  • Studio online portfolio release
  • Scripts for the sales team

Design and development

  • The website acts as a commercial offer for all niches
  • Website structure covers both B2C and B2B segments
  • Cross-platform site with convenient CMS and CRM integration
  • Selected projects are presented as Case Studies

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