PAQT – professional chat app for legal interactions

Worldwide market

January, 2019 – December, 2019

Case Study

About project

PAQT is an application, a SAAS platform for communication and real-time transactions. It combines chat, contract exchange, a signature tool, and contract templates.

Paqt features: interactive chat, document exchange, verified ID, extractable chat history, and proof of communication on the blockchain.

Thanks to security controls and legal digital signatures, you can chat with confidence. Whether you are a business, a freelancer, a professional, or a person looking for a trusted message platform, PAQT can help you manage communication that matters.

goals and objectives

Client’s goals

The main goal for the client was to create an application based on the proofed idea of simplified electronic contracts between individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs.

  • Get a product that users will use to communicate and conclude deals
  • Get scalable MVP quickly, for a minimal budget
  • Take place in the niche of electronic document management
  • Monetize the application through a paid service subscription

Our tasks

The start of the project began with the search for the right people – a team that can create MVP, observing all the legal subtleties.

  • Set up a dedicated team
  • Build project architecture
  • Develop application
  • Maintain code review and Quality management processes

Key solutions

Agile development methodology

We have built the development and design process according to the Agile methodology. It helped us to distribute tasks clearly and make the product as quickly as possible without losing quality.

  • Application design and development
  • Code review / quality control
  • BUX fixing and application support
  • Create landing pages for app marketing campaigns

Prototyping and development

We’ve combined the best of email and chat – all on one platform. In design and development, we reviewed the best practice patterns, and user flows, enhanced them to create a product unique.

MVP development


A classic chat with a common set of functions: reply, forward, delete. You can send text documents and images to the chat.

Pacts – app basis

The contract drawn up in the annex has legal force; by filling the fields, you get a guaranteed valid document.

Business values implementation

Chat history extract

Extract all the history of messages, logs, pacts, documents, and images. If you agreed to a deal in the chat, signed a pact, and want to add the agreement to your file archive – you can download the history and send it to print in a couple of clicks.

Pact templates

Services, cars, goods, universal – all the cases are covered. Just pick a template the most relevant for you and make a deal more comfortable.

Electronic signature

Use legal-grade electronic signature for each message in chat – document, images, pacts, and photos. For legal reliability, we have created a signature in cooperation with a lawyer.

User verification

It allows users to confirm their person with Trulioo service. We used Trulioo API and styled it to fit platform design.

Additional features


By applying labels, you can sort messages like in folders.
It allows finding necessary information quickly.


Highlight important message by attaching the flag. Use existing flags or create your custom text and color combination.


Get notifications about new messages. Set a default preset for a new chat or manage each chat separately.


We made a long run from MVP and pitching at the Elevate Conference in Toronto
to a fully-fledged stable product.

Overall results

  • Competitive MVP
  • Pitch at the Elevate conference, Toronto 2019
  • Turned MVP to a stable product
  • Marketing landing pages
  • Transferred the project to long-term support

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