About Client

ShopDrobe is a startup with an idea to make the process of searching for your style in clothes exciting and straightforward.

Share the daily "What to Wear" issue with friends and find a solution together.

Problems that client solves:

  • Everyday routine “What should I wear today?”
  • Shopping issue “Find a lot of nice wears and don't know what to buy”
  • A search of own style without professionals help
  • Share new looks and get feedback
  • Getting discount for brand clothes

goals and objectives

Client’s goals

The main objective of the client was to monetize the idea of ​​native interaction between people and the brand right in the application.

  • To create ShopDrobe application
  • Create ADS platform for brands and companies
  • Establish monetizing strategy: b2c “buy” offers for featured brands & items from looks

Our tasks

We wanted to help users simplify the difficult process of choosing a wardrobe. Now in order to choose the style there is a special social network.

One single application that can change your shopping experience.

Our task was to make an incredibly simple and understandable user experience in the application so that it worked as intended.

  • Application design and development
  • Code review / quality control
  • BUX fixing and application support
  • Create landing pages for app marketing campaigns

implementation and development

The application combines several features that make it competitive and useful for the target audience. We combined familiar patterns and new features to make it native.


The application uses the familiar interaction patterns, gestures and transitions. Thanks to this, users got an intuitive interface that does not require manuals.

Photo processing

The application supports the essential functions of photo processing — color filters, cropping, and rotation.

Integration with social networks and contacts

To stay updated and share looks with friends, we have implemented a subscription that enables us to sync a contact list or connect friends from social networks.

The app supports most popular and extensive social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Google+, VK, Tumbler, and Foursquare

Messages and notifications

In ShopDrobe application, you can rate photos of friends, as well as share reviews and comments. Each action – rating photos, leaving comments, or responding to comment is accompanied by a notification.

Tagging brands

You can brag about a new thing or find friends who are addicted to the same brand in a couple of clicks. Tag brands and set hashtags to stay trending.

Left or Right

Create a quick poll “Right or Left” as a photo overlay. Choose two photos, publish them and get ratings and comments to help you choose.

In-app search

To see who else is wearing the selected brand, simply click on the hashtag and see a selection of photos where this tag is marked. Find brands, hobby friends, and exciting new styles.


To create the application we used Objective-C and BaaS platform parse.com


We developed an application, marketing strategy and presented a working prototype at WebSummit.

Design and development

  • iOS application – design and development
  • Logo design
  • Application landing page


  • Application infographics video
  • Presentation at WebSummit in Dublin
  • Analytics for landing pages
  • App MVP was distributed amongst users in UK
  • Landing page for WebSummit to collect statistics and feedback on the application

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